Safety & Security

Atavis upholds private aviation safety standards that exceed Federal Aviation Regulation requirements in a host of categories:

The Operator

Atavis intentionally limits the network of operators with whom we work, requiring our preferred operators to undergo an exacting examination of both their operations and management. If they do not meet our industry-leading standards they do not fly in our preferred network. Period.

The Aircraft

We carefully verify every aircraft to ensure compliance and conduct thorough due diligence before arranging travel on a particular aircraft not already familiar to us. In addition, we confirm that each carries acceptable aircraft liability insurance coverage.

The Crew

We evaluate the experience and training of the crew assigned to operate every flight we arrange. Validating several criteria including total time, flight hours in the specific aircraft type selected, and flight hours as Pilot-in-Command, we ensure you and your guests fly only in the most capable of hands.


Working with partners around the world we monitor the status of every flight we arrange to be certain that security—on the ground and in the air—is upheld to the highest degree. We assess every flight itinerary and proactively recommend additional security considerations wherever necessary.